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Wednesday 08/20/2014 04:42:52 MDT
Thank you for visiting my site. Here you can leave your comments.
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91 william craven
Location: baxley ga

Saturday 04/10/2010 13:32:38 MDT
i am interested in a miniature dachsund female preferably 6(^)6
90 jennifer
Location: milledgeville, ga

Tuesday 03/23/2010 22:05:07 MDT
I am interested in your chihuahua pups. i'm looking for a female.
89 Kim Witt
Location: Macon, GA

Monday 03/22/2010 11:22:54 MDT
Hey-- I would like some info on the Maltese that you have-- are they miniature? about how big will they get? any pictures? and cost? I saw a miniature one over in AL at a flea market this weekend and and fell in love with them---I think I have decided that is the kind of dog I want... I just want a really small one...thanks for your help
88 Ashlee
Location: Dublin,GA

Saturday 03/20/2010 09:08:14 MDT
Hi Tonya,

I'm looking for a miniature black/tan female puppy. We have a male that is three and supposed to be a mini per his papers, but he weighs about 13lbs and is not at all overweight - just larger than a mini. I guess he is more like a "tweenie" I'm not interested in breeding the two just want a little friend for my little guy Shotgun.
87 Frances
Location: Twiggs County

Friday 02/26/2010 13:33:35 MST
I would like to know do you have any miniature dachshund or pug puppies and also the prices.
86 Charlisa H
Location: Atlanta, GA

Thursday 02/25/2010 07:51:15 MST
Tonya, Christmas was the best ever, we got "Jasper" w/o our daughter knowing anything and at 10 years old she still believes in Santa. He is the cutest piebald dachsund in the world. Spoiled rotten, potty training is almost complete, and he is getting nutered in 2 months. I will send pictures. We go to our farm in Tennessee often and we had 6" of snow a month back and all we saw was his little taile sticking of from the snow but he insisted he was going out for his potty time! We all love him ver much even his 8 1/2 year old 110lb lab, Chance and big cat, Angel. **)
85 lynn
Location: perry ga

Tuesday 02/16/2010 18:13:33 MST
hi lynn cutter told me to check with u that u might have a male pug puppy thank u lynn :DD
84 Sheryl McDaniel
Location: Byron, GA 31008

Tuesday 02/16/2010 14:42:15 MST
Hi Tonya - Really nice website. I've just started looking for a puppy - we lost ours last April after 16 1/2 years, a peek-a-poo. That's what I would really like to have again, but didn't see any at your site. If you don't have these, what about your malti-poos? Would you give me some information on them? I've seen them before and they are so cute. Thanks for your time. Sheryl
83 Paula Joiner
Location: wrightsville, ga

Sunday 02/14/2010 11:38:24 MST
:DD Hello Tonya, We just wanted to let you know that "Lucy" is doing well! She is getting a little spoiled though! We love her so much and are so grateful that we found you! Thank you so much for having such a beautiful and loving puppy that we were able to buy from you!

Paula and Kevin Joiner
82 Patricia Thompson
Location: Milledgeville

Saturday 02/13/2010 13:12:06 MST
I loved your web site. I emailed you about a female smooth coat black miniature dachshund puppy. We are looking for one to keep our little boy company. Last week we lost our precious little Holly. One of my horses ran over her in the pasture. He did not mean to and I don't think he saw her and I never knew she was in the pasture until he ran over her. It was an awful day.
81 Lynn Lewis
Location: Eastman

Thursday 02/11/2010 18:39:02 MST
Hi Tonya,

My husband and I bought two puppies from you this past summer; black and tan female and a red dapple female. They are doing great! Just a little spoiled. I will send some pictures of them to you soon. I was just looking at your new puppies and saw that Zoey and Spot had a litter today, 2/11/10. Is the black & white puppy a male or female? And how much are you asking for it?

Thanks so much!

Lynn Lewis
80 Brenda Wentz
Location: Vale,NC

Tuesday 02/09/2010 10:26:30 MST
I am looking for a chinese crested small female
79 Michelle
Location: Rentz, GA

Sunday 01/31/2010 10:04:19 MST

We bought a miniature schnauzer from you in May of last year. His name is Achilles and we just love him. We were wanting to get him a playmate, are you going to have anymore soon? Please let us know! We want to get another one as soon as we can and we would like to get him from you.

Thanks, Michelle Horne 6(^)6
78 Donna
Location: Ellenwood, GA

Saturday 01/02/2010 06:46:54 MST

I'm looking for a Cairn Terrier puppy...female
77 emy
Location: baltimore md

Tuesday 12/22/2009 06:16:10 MST
6(^)6 hello and good morning i enjoy seeing all your pics i look forward and hoping to a mini dash hound pup female black
76 Charlisa
Location: Atlanta, GA

Monday 11/30/2009 10:19:57 MST
Tonya, My husband Bill and I are looking for a Mini dachshund male black and tan for Christmas. Our daughter who will be 10 in February has been asking for sometime. Years ago we had dachshunds and I really miss their personality. I have fallen in love with your Charlie. Although, we are looking for a black and tan, Charlie is georgious. Please let me know what you have or will have available for Christmas. Thanks, Charlisa
75 MAX
Location: SAVANNAH, GA

Saturday 11/21/2009 16:45:14 MST
ME, WIFE AND ZEUS ARE DOING GREAT!He's always entertaining us it seems. We have a cat we call his brother. He constantly chases and plays with him. The odd thing is the cat harasses Zeus to get him to play if he doesn't initiate.
74 rose
Location: pgh.

Thursday 10/08/2009 21:28:13 MDT
hi tonya, was interested in one of your pups called mason. how big will he get? i have a chihuahua now and am looking for another. thank you 8-|
73 Amber
Location: Minnesota

Wednesday 09/16/2009 10:37:29 MDT
Hey Tonya, how are you?! It's been a while, hope all is well! I am doing good and Harley is just as crazy as ever. He keeps me one my toes and never runs out of energy. He has such an amazing personality and always makes me laugh. Dad saw him for the first time this May and fell in love with him, I am so happy I got him from you!

Take care and keep in touch!!!!!

Amber K.(Scott's daughter)
72 Wendy Massey
Location: Macon

Tuesday 09/15/2009 17:32:44 MDT
My son and I got a Min. Poodle from you June of this year and I had to let you know that he is an absolutely wonderful little dog. His temperment and behavior are great. He loves to cuddle and play. We would not trade hime for the world. If you would like email me and I will send you pictures of him. We are in discussion about getting another small dog and I will definetly come back to you.

Thank you